We provide services that help companies in the FMCG industry to reach their business goals

FieldForce ONE sales automation and eForce market data services are integrated, but can also be used individually as separate solutions. FieldForce ONE is the tool for empowering field sales and for collecting data from the field. eForce is the tool for analysing Trade Data. Data from these two data sources can be merged into ONE. This “ONE” data warehouse is accessed with easy to use tools such as Power BI and the FieldForce Dashboard. On the field Sales Representatives have access to the data via the Reports App (for iPad).

eForce Market Data Service

Turns your raw data from the Trade into valuable information. More efficient store visits and selection management. The eForce Market Data Service is unique in that sense that 1) the base for everything is built on massive data cleansing, 2) different type of data is merged together (delivery data and POS data) and 3) Trade Data is routed to FieldForce’s sales force automation system (FieldForce ONE).

FieldForce ONE CRM

Modern Sales Force Automation system that runs off-line on iPad. Specially developed to work in Finnish retail. FieldForce ONE is the outcome of +25 years of hard development work together with the most admired FMCG companies in the World. Over the years the concept has been more or less the same, but the technology has improved and enabled handling of huge data amounts. From the beginning the design has been such that there has been a local database at the client that replicates with back office. Today FieldForce ONE runs on Apple’s iPad tablets, which are the most advanced and powerful on the market. The back office has a web user interface that includes tools for analysing the data.

Support & Training

FieldForce provides support and training services to all users at our customers. It is important to know how to use a system and everyone concerned needs to know how to use it. However, it is not only about “what button to push in which situation”, it is about how to take advantage of system benefits and how to turn that into a competitive edge. Therefore, we teach best business practises when it comes to using our technology.