The eForce Market Data Service is unique in that sense that 1) the base for everything is built on massive data cleansing, 2) different type of data is merged together (delivery data and POS data) and 3) Trade Data is routed to FieldForce’s sales force automation system (FieldForce ONE).

1) Data cleansing is complicated and time consuming. FieldForce has automated a lot of data cleansing procedures, but there is still a lot of manual work that has to be done. Without data cleansing the reports show wrong and erroneous numbers.

2) Combining delivery data and POS (point of sales) data generates added value. It enables monitoring OOS (out of stock), in store stock levels (and chain level stocks), retailer profitability, business potential, business development etc.

3) It is very powerful to route Trade Data to the field sales system (FieldForce ONE). For the Sales Representative this means that he/she always has the right assortment and pricing (trade features) information on the fingertips, while negotiating with the buyer. Before even entering the store the Sales Representative can check OOS (out of stock/shelf) products and automatically generate a replenishment order (proposal). If marketing allowances or other “street money” is paid, then the Sales Representative will see how much should be paid on this specific sales call (based on delivered products or based on sold products/POS).


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