FieldForce ONE is the outcome of +25 years of hard development work together with the most admired FMCG companies in the World. Over the years the concept has been more or less the same, but the technology has improved and enabled handling of huge data amounts. From the beginning the design has been such that there has been a local database at the client that replicates with back office. Today FieldForce ONE runs on Apple’s iPad tablets, which are the most advanced and powerful on the market. The back office has a web user interface that includes tools for analysing the data.

FieldForce ONE is unique in that sense that it 1) has a local database and works offline, 2) is a combination of two Apps (Route Plan and Order & Promo) and 3) is integrated with Trade Data (Data Routing service).

1) FieldForce ONE replication really works and in case of no Internet coverage, the system works brilliantly offline. So do also the reports. Everything works together. Offline.

2) FieldForce ONE is modular and it consists of two different Apps. However, the user will not recognize this as they work so smoothly together. Advantage is that during project implementation one can move ahead stepwise. First take into production the Route Plan App, later the Order & Promo App. As FieldForce ONE is a very versatile system, this makes it easier for the users to learn how to use it. A lot of emphasis has been put on making the system easy to use.

3) It is very powerful to route Trade Data to FieldForce ONE. For the Sales Representative this means that he/she always has the right assortment and pricing (trade features) information on the fingertips while negotiating with the buyer. Before even entering the store the Sales Representative can check OOS (out of stock/shelf) products and automatically generate a replenishment order (proposal). If marketing allowances or other “street money” is paid, then the Sales Representative will see how much should be paid on this specific sales call (based on delivered products or based on sold products/POS).